Empowering venture stakeholders with systematic visibility, data analytics and non-traditional due diligence capability.
Introducing E.A.T. Launchpad, a one-stop platform for all your business needs.
Having multiple accounts and systems can be taxing. Come onboard E.A.T. Launchpad to revolutionise the way you manage your businesses.

From features that help you grow internally, to features that rope in the right contacts, you can transform your dream into the successful business you envision.

Who is this For ?

Startup Teams
Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, SMEs, and anyone who has an idea.
Capital Funders
Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Lenders, and anyone who is interested in investment capital.
Professional Services
Service Providers, SMEs, gigs, freelances, advisors, mentors, and anyone who partners with early stage businesses.
Venture Management
Incubators, Accelerators, Venture Builders, Institutions, Family Offices and anyone who is involved in supporting diverse projects.

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Stay ahead with these platform features
Task Management
Track your team projects and statuses timely.
Targeted Network
Connect to the right expertise through AI matching.
Detailed Documentation
Personalised news and feedback to build your startup.
Skill Management
Track local and overseas projects under your belt.
Investment Viability
Get an insider view of your potential investments.
Startup Hub
Expand your contacts with hundreds of startups.

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